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The editor of Victorian Periodicals Review invites articles on the editorial and publishing history of Victorian periodicals. Emphasis is on the historical, critical, or bibliographical importance of periodicals in the history and culture of Victorian Britain, Ireland, and the Empire. Contributions should be written in MS Word and prepared according to the Chicago Manual of Style. A VPR Style Guide is available from the editor. The authorís name should be removed from the manuscript before submission via e-mail: vpr @

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Editorial Board

  • Margaret Beetham, Senior Research Fellow, ret., Department of English, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Laurel Brake, Emerita Professor of Literature and Print Culture, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Julie Codell, Professor of Art History and English, Arizona State University
  • Marysa Demoor, Professor of English, University of Gent
  • David Finkelstein, Dean of the School of Humanities, University of Dundee
  • Linda K. Hughes, Addie Levy Professor of Literature, Texas Christian University
  • Anne Humpherys, Professor of English, Lehman College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • Louis James, Emeritus Professor of Victorian and Modern Literature, University of Kent
  • Christopher Kent, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Saskatchewan
  • Andrew King, Senior Lecturer, Department of Media, Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Patrick Leary, Victoria Research Web
  • Kathryn Ledbetter, Professor of English, Texas State University-San Marcos
  • Brian Maidment, Research Professor in the History of Print, Salford University
  • Teresa Mangum, Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, University of Iowa
  • Sally Mitchell, Emerita Professor of English and Womenís Studies, Temple University
  • James Mussell, Lecturer, Department of English, University of Birmingham
  • Barbara Onslow, Independent Scholar
  • Linda H. Peterson, Niel Gray, Jr. Professor of English, Yale University
  • Margaret Stetz, Mae and Robert Carter Professor of Womenís Studies and Professor of Humanities, University of Delaware
  • Mark W. Turner, Professor of English, King's College London
  • Catherine Waters, Reader in Victorian Studies, University of Kent
  • Joel Wiener, Emeritus Professor of History, City University of New York

Special Issues of VPR

Supplements. VPR 43.2 (Summer 2010). Marysa Demoor and Kate Macdonald, guest editors.


  • Marysa Demoor and Kate Macdonald, 'Finding and Defining the Victorian Supplement'.
  • Laurel Brake, 'Lost and Found: Serial Supplements in the Nineteenth Century'.
  • Mark W. Turner, 'Companions, Supplements, and the Proliferation of Print in the 1830s'.
  • B. E. Maidment, 'Subversive Supplements: Satirical Title Pages of the Periodical Press in the 1830s'.
  • Andrew King, '"Killing Time," or Mrs. Braby's Peppermints: The Double Economy of the Family Herald and the Family Herald Supplements'.
  • Jolein De Ridder, 'What? How? Why?: Broadening the Mind with the Treasury of Literature (1868-1875), Supplement to the Ladies' Treasury (1857-1895)'.
  • Koenraad Claes, 'Supplements and Paratext: The Rhetoric of Space'.

Fortieth Anniversary Issue. VPR 41.1 (Spring 2008). Rosemary T. VanArsdel, guest editor.


  • Part I. Prelude.
  • Rosemary T. VanArsdel: '"The Great Unexplored Continent of 19th-Century Studies": Victorian Periodicals (David De Laura, 1968)'.
  • Part II. The Editors.
  • Michael Wolff: 'In the Beginning'.
  • Dorothy Deering: 'The Victorian Periodicals Newsletter (VPN), January, April and July 1970'.
  • Rosemary Vanarsdel: 'Hanging On: James Ellis, et al, 1970-1973'.
  • Hans De Groot: 'An Old Editor Remembers: VPN/VPR at Toronto, 1973-85'.
  • Merrill Distad: 'From VPN to VPR: The Toronto Years, 1973-1984'.
  • Rosemary T. VanArsdel: 'Coming of Age: the Barbara Quinn Schmidt Years, 1985-1993'.
  • Richard Fulton: 'The Long Transition: 1993-1996'.
  • William H. Scheuerle: 'Victorian Periodicals Review: 29:4 (Winter 1996) to 37:3 (Fall 2004)'.
  • Part III. The Bibliographers.
  • J. Don Vann: 'The Pioneer Bibliography'.
  • Larry K. Uffelman: 'The RSVP Checklist & Me: A Personal History'.
  • Rosemary VanArsdel: 'Victorian Periodicals Review Annual Bibliographies'.
  • Part IV. Epilogue.
  • Kathryn Ledbetter: 'Today and Tomorrow: Meeting the Digital Challenge'.

Periodical Pedagogy. VPR 39.4 (Winter 2006). Teresa Mangum, guest editor.


  • Teresa Mangum: 'Periodicals, Pedagogy, and Collaboration'.
  • Part I. Frameworks for Periodical Studies.
  • Mark W. Turner: 'Time, Periodicals, and Literary Studies'.
  • Linda K. Hughes: 'Victorian Literature and Periodicals: Mid-Victorian Culture Wars and Cultural Negotiations, A Graduate Seminar'.
  • Andrea Kaston Tange: '"Becoming a Victorian Reader": The Serial Reading Process in the Modern Classroom'.
  • Jennifer Phegley, Madaline Guilfoil, Kristin Huston, Erin Speck, Robert Haselwander: 'Collaboration and the Periodical Press: Assigning a Group Project to Uncover Victorian Publishing Practices'.
  • Part II. Interdisciplinarity and Periodical Studies.
  • Julianne Smith: 'Victorian Drama and Undergraduate Periodical Research'
  • Leigh G. Dillard, Patricia Okker, Nancy Martha West: 'Teaching Illustrations and Periodicals: Three Scholars Share Their Ideas and Materials'.
  • Part III. The Political Geographies and Periodical Studies.
  • Susan David Bernstein: 'Periodical Partners: A Context for Teaching Victorian Literature and Science'.
  • Karen Margaret Steele, 'Studying the Artful Contenders of Empire: The Poetics of the Irish News'.
  • Julie F. Codell, 'Imperial Differences and Culture Clashes in Victorian Periodicals' Visuals: The Case of Punch'.
  • Rechelle Christie: 'An Undergraduate American Literature and Identity Course Looks East to Great Britain'.
  • Conclusion: From Classroom to Career.
  • Teresa Mangum: 'Periodicals to Pedagogy to the Profession of Literary Studies'.

Interdisciplinary Work and Periodical Connections. VPR 38.2 (Summer 2005). Andrea Broomfield, guest editor.


  • Andrea Broomfield: 'Interdisciplinary Work and Periodicals Connections: An Issue in Honour of Sally H. Mitchell'.
  • Maria Frawley: 'Behind the Scenes of History: Harriet Martineau and The Lowell Offering'.
  • Linda K. Hughes: 'Constructing Fictions of Authorship in George Eliot's Middlemarch, 1871-1872'.
  • Jennifer Phegley: 'Domesticating the Sensation Novelist: Ellen Price Wood as Author and Editor of the Argosy Magazine'.
  • Solveig C. Robinson: 'Expanding a "Limited Orbit": Margaret Oliphant, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine and the Development of a Critical Voice'.
  • Talia Schaffer: 'Craft, Authorial Anxiety, and the "Cranford Papers"'.
  • Clare Cotungo: '"Stay Away from Paris!" Frances Trollope Rewrites America'.

Australian, New Zealand, and South African Periodicals. VPR 37 (Winter 2004). Rosemary VanArsdel, guest editor.


  • Rosemary VanArsdel: Introduction to Special Issue
  • Elizabeth Webby: 'Images of Europe in Two Nineteenth-Century Australian Illustrated Magazines'.
  • Brian Cheadle: 'South African Serial Publications of the Anglo-Boer War'.
  • Terry Barringer: 'What Mrs. Jellyby Might Have Read. Missionary Periodicals; A Neglected Source.
  • Graham Law: Savouring of the Australian Soil?: On the Sources and Affiliations of Colonial Newspaper Fiction'.
  • Lucy Sussex: '"Bobbing Around" James Skipp Borlaise, Adam Lindsay Gordon, and Surviving in the Literary Market of Australia, 1860s'.
  • Meg Tasker: 'Two Versions of Colonial Nationalism: The Australian Review of Reviews v. the Sydney Bulletin'.

The 19th-Century Press in India, VPR 37 (Summer 2004). Julie Codell, guest editor.


  • Julie F. Codell: 'Introduction: The Nineteenth-Century News from India'.
  • Máire ní Fhlathúin: 'The Campaign Against Thugs in the Bengal Press in the 1830s'.
  • Edwin Hirschmann: 'The Hidden Roots of a Great Newspaper: Calcutta's Statesman'.
  • Debapriya Paul: 'Hindoo Patriot and Hurish Chunder Mookerjea: A Study in Colonial Resistance'.
  • Krishna Sen: 'Lessons in Self-Fashioning: Bamabodhini Patrika and the Education of Women in Colonial Bengal'.
  • Peter H. Hoffenberg: 'Promoting Traditional Indian Art at Home and Abroad: The Journal of Indian Art and Industry, 1884-1917'.
  • Julie F. Codell: 'Getting the Twain to Meet: Global Regionalism in East and West: A Monthly Review'.
  • Krishna Sen and Debapriya Paul: 'Archival Press Project, English Department, University of Calcutta: The Calcutta Review'.

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